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On Sundays at Emmanuel Church, there is, besides the usual 9.30am and 6.30pm services, a Grace Church Family service at 3.30pm for 4pm.

    Grace Church began in a house which then became too small. It moved to a larger house and soon outgrew that one too - so they have found a new home at Emmanuel. It is a really fun family time of fellowship and football! Starting at 3.30 with a cuppa and a chat, the actual service runs for an hour from 4pm. The kids go out (two groups of younger and older children) during the talk to do their own activities connected with the theme of the afternoon and at the end of the service there is food and another cuppa. With a 4pm start, church doesn't interfere with Sunday morning sport - you don't even have to get out of bed too early! Come along if you can. We'd love to see you.

Community Houses of Prayer (CHOP)

The Newbridge CHOP group has, until now, been based at Hartwells Garage.

Since Hartwells is now closed, the prayer meeting for Newbridge will take place at Emmanuel Church usually on the second Tuesday evening each month at 7.45pm.

This is a prayer group where all Christians in the Newbridge area can come together to pray especially for their neighbourhood, local schools, the RUH and the local businesses.  It would be great to see as many join us as possible.

Future meeting :  12th November